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Meet Amy

Writer. Dancer. Experience Designer. Creature of the Night/Light.

I have been designing experiences forever and always, in my personal life and my professional endeavors.

When I say I am an experience designer, I essentially mean I’m part of a tribe of silly, intense, empathic humans from multidisciplinary backgrounds who love to create meaningful, immersive worlds for themselves and others.

This work is woven through my entire being. Creating and documenting that which is visceral, embodied and connective are the life forces of my work. However you find yourself reading this, I’d love to show you how powerful it can be for you.

I’d like to take this time to tell you some more personal stories on this page. Settle in with an espresso or a spritz, and let’s begin.

Let’s Go There: The Creative & Therapeutic Benefits of Kink

Oh! You didn’t think I’d start with this one, did you?

Alas, here we are.

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More curious about me?

Here are some other places you can find me on the Internet:

I maintained this site as my "home page” from 2013-2018: Live All of You

For a while I kept this a secret, but I am also the elusive, the mysterious… Abundant Host!


Official Bio

Amy Segreti got her start in the world of immersion by writing immersive nonfiction as a print journalist, editor-in-chief and publisher. She has written/edited for The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, The Globe, Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and many more before publishing her own magazine called Twine, longform narrative journalism on intertwining play and purpose in our lives.

Diving more deeply into her wild womanhood incited her to study embodied women’s sexuality, coming away as a Women’s Holistic Somatic Sex Educator & Practitioner in 2013. She has studied in-person with Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity, The State of Affairs, TED) at her clinical trainings as well as Barbara Carrellas (Urban Tantra), and has interviewed women such as Kathryn Hendricks (Conscious Loving) and Sara Avant Stover (Way of the Happy Woman).

Amy has studied mapping and story archs of experience design with Odyssey Works, a theater company that specializes in productions for an audience of one. She is the Denver/Boulder area writer for No Proscenium, the most well-known website for reviewing immersive art, theater and experiences in the country.

Amy has spoken worldwide at conferences and summits such as the Women in Travel Summit, The Freelance Conference and IndieCon. She has been featured on numerous podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire, and has given an Ignite talk to a sold-out audience of 1,100 people.

Amy gave her first TEDx talk on the power of experience design to invite meaning back into our relationships at TEDxColoradoSprings on May 12, 2019.